Tuesday, 30 October 2012

quick concepts

To create some quick concepts, I used some of my reference pictures. I combined them to make a scene, then painted over them to create these pictures. They are in black and white at the moment, as I didn't want to go into too much detail. These are early days, and these just rough concept sketches that I produced quickly.

The next step in the concepting phase is to work out a colour scheme. I'm going to paint over these to see what different colours look like.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Starting off the FMP

The original idea for my FMP was a ruined jungle temple. I was looking at temples in Cambodia but soon realised it was overdone. Just a quick search on youtube provided numerous results of other levels.

Rethinking my idea, I then thought of using the same idea, but in a different style. In bali, and island in Indonesia, they have a very unique style of carving. I find them very inspiring, and basing my project off of these I think I will be able to sustain my interest over the time needed to complete my fmp.  It’s difficult to describe these carvings, but I can show you in pictures a lot easier.

Because of their history, they have their own version of Hinduism. These statues around the island are unique to the area. They also look a lot of fun to sculpt, and over the holidays I had been trying out z brush. This is a quick head I modelled to test out sculpting these carvings, to see if it would be possible.

To start off with, I have collected a lot of reference images. Creating mood boards was the next step.

Hopefully, combined with some concepts and paint overs, this would be enough to convince people at the presentation it’s a good idea.