Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Foliage of tropical south east Asia

Firstly, there is the kapok tree. This is probably the first kind of tree you would think of when you talk about rainforests. Its large, it can grow to 150 feet tall. This large tree would be the main type of tree that will be in my level.

I’m also going to have fan palms. These palms are found in tropical climates, and they have a distinctive shape. These would provide a medium layer of foliage for the level.

Next is the king fern. This is basically a giant fern, which would add more medium coverage. I could also use these textures to make smaller ferns for ground coverage. 

For the vines there is a type of plant called liana. These are vines that grow out of the ground, and up trees.
For a splash of colour, I’m going to use orchids. They originate from that region of the world, and if I need some colour they will be very good.

I’ll be sorting out the tri budgets for everything in my next post, as well as showing my progress on my block out. I’ve been sculpting a basic rock texture for the cliffs so it looks less bare, so I’ll post that as well.