Friday, 7 December 2012

blockout 2

I've rebuilt the blockout, and it works a lot better! This time I made the staircases spiral around the circular room, which allows for a gradual climb but it does not use up too much space. I've also spaced out the level, as things seemed a bit too cramped together. The player should still be able to see the next point of interest though, leading them through the level. Another change is I've boxed in the level with more cliffs. They should limit the players view, but I have left the top of the upper cliff bare. This is so the player can look down at the route they have taken, and I can also put a nice rainforest vista in the background. The area is more like a canon now. It's looking a bit plain at the minute, but with the trees and the assets in there I'm sure it will work. 

One problem is that I can't get the collision to work still. I'm sure there is one stupid little thing I haven't ticked or something like that. I don't actually have any experience with making collision in cryengine. With the Roselyn chapel project (which was also in this engine) I made a lot of the roof carvings, which of course didn't need any. I've followed the tutorial about collision and it's still not working. I'll get it sorted though, and then I can run round and check everything works ok. From just flying round I am happy with this layout, so I'll make some place holders and improve on this by adding more detail.

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