Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Begining the Layouts

Here's an update on the layouts. I did this last week, and these are the designs I came up with.

 I think I'm happiest with number 2, but I'm not just going to settle on that design and leave it like that. This week I am going to come up with the final design after trying out some other ideas. Its been sugested that I could have an underground bit, which could be cool. It could add a different set of lighting as well as helping divide up the areas. The next thing to do after this is to try things out in engine. It's all very well and good planning it out like this, but it is difficult to get an idea of what it is like to play it. I have only a basic understanding of cryengine, so over the holidays I'm going to brush up on it and maybe make a little scene.

While I am getting used to cryengine, I'm going to start drawing out and planning all the assets I need in the level.

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