Monday, 12 November 2012


The next step in concepting was to add colour. I was apprehensive about going into a lot of detail with the paintings, as I was not sure if the idea would be rejected at the presentation. I'd got a back up idea, but I'm not as bothered about it. This is something I really want to make, even if it couldn't be my FMP, I would make it in my free time.

Using photo reference for the lighting, I came up with these 3 colour schemes. I think I like the teal and orange ones the most. With these concepts, I was also getting more of an idea of layout. After those, I made a quick block out in UDK, then painted over it. I might spend some more time on this one, as it's a bit rushed as I was running out of time before the presentation.

If it does go through to the next stage, I'll start planning the layout in a lot more detail. After that, planning individual assets. By the time it comes to build this, I want to have everything planned and organised, so it will be simply the matter of building it.

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