Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I got the plant photo reference today. I travelled over to Birmingham and went to their botanical gardens. I think I got some good photos, although the place was quite small, they had a good selection of tropical and sub tropical plants. It was a little bit difficult to get to though, I was walking and not really know if I was heading in the right direction most of the time. It was also good that they had labels on each plant, so I can look some of these up later.
Here's a selection of the photos, as well as a few random ones from the trip: 

I've started to make some of the plants I saw today in the level. I've changed the ivy, and I've added a small ground plant. As well as that I altered the fan palm, I changed the texture and bent it a little to make it look more natural. I also added more foliage, as looking at my new reference, I can see that it looks nowhere near as dense as it should do. 

Tomorrow, I am going to add a banana tree, and make a cube map for the water. There is also something else I want to add to the level if I get the time. At the gardens they had fish in the pool. I would like to have these in the water in my level, maybe make a simple animation to them. But that's all for a later date.

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