Monday, 11 February 2013

Cave entrance

The last couple of days, I've been working on the cave entrance. This was because I wanted to make a more complete area of my level, to give people an idea of how the finished level will look. I'm concentrating around this part, the lower level of the canyon near the cave entrance.

This is the concept I have been working from:

I then took my blockout piece and imported it into zbrush. This was to keep the same scale so the piece would fit back into the level. I sculpted in the details while looking at the concept. This took about a day. I changed some minor parts of the design after I got some crit, namely the eyes are pointed downwards and inwards to stare at the player. The original design did not look as threatening, an instead looked too cute, like a rabbits face, which was not the intention.

I then retopologized the model in 3dsmax and baked the textures. This took about another day. After that, I put the model back into cryengine. And this is the result.

I am happy to get an asset like this into the level, it feels like the project has really started now. I will most likely work on the texture some more in the future, but next I am going to work on some foliage. I've already got a fern in the scene to add a bit of greenery, but I think next I will make the large scale trees that are in the level.

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