Monday, 18 February 2013

This last week, I got some thinks sorted out in my level. Firstly, the blend layer material. I increased the amount of verts by turbo smoothing the model. Then, I repainted the vertex alpha. The floor I detached and painted as well. This is because the floor uses different textures, and you can only blend layer between two. I kept the pivot point the same so they could be easy slotted together in the engine.

Other changes I made was raising the upper cliffs and creating a pool for the water. Here's the result.
It needs more work, but it looks a lot better.

The major asset I made this week was the kapok tree. It's not finished, but adding trees to the level has made the lighting a lot more interesting. I sculpted the base, and retoppolised it in max. This was because originally I was going to give the base a normal map, but once it was made I did not think it was necessary. The rest of the tree was made by extruding the base to make the trunk, then the braches I made by using lines and the path deform modifier. Lastly, I added bunches of leaves. I'm going to add vine and other more interesting features.

One problem I did not anticipate was that the trees don't fit with their branches in the lower valley. I might make some smaller trees to go down there.

Something else I changed was the lighting. I changed the sun colour to make it more vibrant, and then added some fog. This was to give the effect of humidity, as rainforests have high humidity levels.

In the pool, I added a water volume. This means that area reacts like it is full of water. It needs a cube map, which I'm going to add this week. To surround the pool, I made a stone trim. For this, I sculpted one of those patterns I found in that book. I'm going to sculpt a lot of these and put them on the same texture. They're going to be used throughout the environment.

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