Monday, 4 February 2013

Project Proposal

For my final major project, I will be making a environment based around ancient Balinese architecture. The style will be realistic, and will be built in cryengine 3.

Bali is a small island that is part of Indonesia. The art style is very distinctive, and features ornate carvings. These will be the main focus point of my project. The level will show off sculpting skills, and the project will make use of high poly modelling (using programs such as z-brush)

the geographical location of the level and the ecological The other secondary focus of the project is on foliage modelling. The foliage will be appropriate re to biome. 

The level will be for current generation consoles and pcs. This means that the technical specifications reflect that. The target triangle budget for the whole level without instances will be 150,000. For textures, the maximum texture size for an asset will be 1024 (for hero assets). These will be documented in an asset list. Secondary assets will be around 512. My aim is to have a pixel density of around 256 per meter.

In summary, here is what the project will aim to achieve:

1.       Ruined jungle temple environment based around Balinese carvings
2.       Current generation graphics
3.       Running on the university computers at an acceptable frame rate (no slow down, around 30 FPS)
4.       Made in cryengiene 3
5.       High quality sculptures as the main feature
6.       Suitable foliage as the secondary feature backed up by research
7.       Aim to be around 150,000 triangles (without instances)
8.       Texture pixel density around 256 per meter

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