Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Here's the work I've been doing today and yesterday. Yesterday I made this plant, a fan palm. It's textured but does not have a specular or normal yet. I also changed the rock texture, making all the rocks have the same tiled diffuse. I think this improves the look of them.

Today, I made some vines. One types climbs up the tree, and the other hangs off other meshes. There is one more type to make, which is the type that hangs between surfaces. This could be made using the rope tool, but I am unsure whether to use this or static meshes. 

They haven't been textured yet, but this is because tomorrow I am going to Birmingham botanical gardens to get some reference and textures. I'm a little nervous as I am going on my own, so hopefully I won't get lost. I'll make a post tomorrow to show all the pictures I took.

I forgot to mention in my last update, but I tried out the terrain tool. It didn't turn out very well though, as the terrain became too stretched over my very vertical cliffs. There were tools for moving the terrain up and down, but none for out wards. This is why I have stuck to blend layer on static meshes.

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