Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Here's what I've been working on today and yesterday. Firstly, I added the texture to the entrance gate. I've still got to create normal maps from height maps for some of the detail on this, and also the next thing.

I textured the small wall, and reduced the tri count of it. Its not got normals yet, although I have painted the height map for it. I'm prety happy with it, although a lot of the detail is lost in the 512 texture. However I don't think I can make it a 1024 as its not a hero asset.

I also made a tilable texture for the floor. I made this by sculpting out different bricks and then arranging them before baking the textures. For the walls I made a smooth mossy rock tilable texture. I changed the material ids of the cave and added these textures.

I also used the new floor texture to remake my path as I was not happy with it.

Next I am going to make this asset:

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